Police Chief Consider Local Leaders to Prevent Clashes in Mimika

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - Papua Police Chief Inspector General of Police Paulus Waterpauw considers it important to involve leaders and government officials in Mimika regency to prevent clashes between the two groups of residents in Tembagapura district.

"We will consolidate the figures and formal official at the provincial and Mimika DPRD as well as those who have influence to prevent clashes between communities in Tembagapura. Clearly, the police would never allow the people of the two groups to resolve the murder of the clerk with how indigenous tribal war, "said Paul Waterpauw.

Police chief says up to now Waka Papua Police Police Brigadier Agus Rianto together Adj Papua Police Mobile Brigade and the police chief of Mimika still in Tembagapura to encourage both groups to solve the problems murder employees of PT pontil, Eltinus Kum way through law enforcement.

The bodies had been cremated Eltinus Kum customary by the relatives in the village of Banti on Tuesday (14/3).

Mimika Police chief confirms the involvement of local government in the care of people involved in the conflict in Tembagapura it is absolutely necessary.

"To accommodate all the interests it can not just expect people themselves, but there needs to be involvement of local government so that it can give no assurance that these problems could be addressed immediately. Do not continue to be brought into the realm of custom, will be difficult for us all," explained Paul.

Police chief also insisted there was no connection between the murder case Eltinus Kum with PT Freeport Indonesia.

As known, Eltinus Kum and colleagues was drinking alcohol at the restaurant Lupa Tired, Tembagapura.

After the restaurant closed, the victim along with his colleague bringing alcoholic beverages and alcohol at the party continued Employee Barak (Barak AA) belongs to JJ and DJ Ridge Camp, Mil 72, Tembagapura.

When alcohol that is a party, the victim was known involved a fight until the fight with colleagues drinking.

Victim was stabbed a sharp object on the right side until he died before being taken to the hospital SOS Tembagapura.

"Until now we are still finding out who killed the victims, what the motive, whether in anger or revenge there before," explains Paul. (antara)
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