Biak Govt Programmed Business Coach for Batik Crafter

BIAK (BIAK NUMFOR) - Department of Culture of Noemfoor Biak Regency, Papua programmed business coaching for crafters batik motif of Biak are currently crave batik advanced skills training activities.

"The Department of Culture will submit batik training courses on budget changes in 2017, is a real form of local government in fostering businesses Biak original batik," said Head of Culture Noemfoor Aner Rumakito Biak, Biak, Wednesday.

He said, to conduct advanced training batik skills will work with batik artisans batik production centers in Java.

Aner hopes, efforts to foster genuine batik entrepreneurs can Biak menghasilan patterned clothing production batk Biak to uniforms in school.

Department of Culture Biak as a working unit (SKPD) recently formed, according to Aner, have saved additional skills training for business operators to make.

"My expectations on the budget 2017 budget changes, this program can be accommodated, so that a positive impact on the increase pendatapan family business," he said again.

Aner states, in addition to skills training program, it also will provide assistance to groups of batik equipment businesses trainee.

"With the provision of batik equipment can assist people in creating batik motif of Biak," he said anyway.

Crafters batik motif Biak in 2014 and 2015 never got batik training of the Department of Tourism and Culture by bringing the training instructors Yogyakarta batik artisans. (antara)
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