Goroka Court Fines Man for Running Away with a Bank Card

GOROKA (EHP)- A man, who duped a man trying to withdraw money from an automated teller machine (ATM) and ran away with his card, has been fined K300 by the Goroka district court, Eastern Highlands Province.

Magistrate Gerard Vetunawa found Josh John guilty and said the fine was necessary as a deterrent. John will serve six months in jail if he fails to pay the K300.

He complained to the court that he was assaulted by people at the scene who took all his belongings as well.

The court heard that John had approached the man at a Bank South Pacific ATM in Goroka who was trying to withdraw cash but did not know how at around 3pm last Saturday. John pretended to help the man then tried to leave with his bank card.

People at the scene chased and caught up with him, and bashed him up.

John pleaded guilty to his charge but said he did not withdraw the man’s money but only ran away with the card.  [TheNational]
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