Prosecutor Ahyani Musaidah Reports Her Superior Officer to the Court

JAYAPURA CITY - A prosecutor reported her superior officer to the State Administrative Court for removing her from her current post and sending her back to the provincial office without a clear job description.

 “I was promoted to head of the Biak Numfor Prosecutor office’s intelligence section by the Attorney General’s Office (AGO) in Jakarta. Therefore, the only party that is allowed to remove me from my current post is the AGO, not the provincial office,” prosecutor Ahyani Musaidah said on Wednesday.

 Commenting on the report, Papua Prosecutor Office head ESM Hutagalung said he was OK with it. As the superior officer, he went on; he had the right to remove Ahyani if necessary.

 “Let’s see what the Court’s decision is,” he said.

He then explained that he decided to remove Ahyani because she was currently being questioned by the office’s internal affairs due to reports that Ahyani had misbehaved while carrying out her duties. [TheJakartaPost]
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