Timika's Councillor Slams Flaws ahead of Election

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - A Mimika regency council member has slammed irregularities found in the voters list ahead of the election that will be held on Tuesday.

Mimika regency council Commission B member Fandanita Similang said she discovered that dozens of foreign citizens residing in Tembagapura district, Mimika regency, were registered in the fixed voters list (DPT)

"There are 75 foreigners registered in the Tembagapura district DPT. How did this happen? This indicates that the Mimika General Elections Commission (KPUD) has failed to carry out verification properly," Fandanita told The Jakarta Post.

She added that the Mimika regency DPT had just been announced last week by the Mimika KPUD prior to the announcement of a temporary voters list (DPS).

Fandanita, who is also a member of the campaign team of Mimika regency candidate pair of Athanius Allo Rafra and Titus Natkime, also found several other irregularities in a number of districts regarding the DPT.

"For example, in Mimika Baru district, we found voters names did not come with their dates of birth and clear addresses," she added.

Fandanita said the ambiguous DPT had the potential to result in election fraud.

"We will report the findings to the Elections Supervisory Committee in Mimika to deal with the matter," she said.

The Mimika DPT, released by the Mimika KPUD, listed 223,470 eligible voters, or a rise of around 47,000 from the gubernatorial election in February this year of only 175,000 voters.

Mimika Elections Supervisory Committee head Agustinus Roya could not be reached for comment as he was attending a meeting.

In the Mimika regency election on Tuesday, 223,470 eligible voters will vote for 11 candidate pairs. [TheJakartaPost]
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