Herbert Wally : The Command and Control of the PNGDF Must Keep Their Soldiers Busy

PORT MORESBY - The Command and control of the PNGDF must keep a soldier busy to avoid issues such as military men attacking civilians, says former PNGDF Acting Adjutant First Battalion, Captain Herbert Wally.

Captain Wally agreed that there is a weakness in the command and control section of the force.

Never leave an infantry man bored, is what Captain Wally said. He added there is widespread indiscipline in the military because the command and control has less control over its men, and lacks initiative to keep the soldiers busy every hour of every day.

“Never ever leave a fighting man bored because a bored soldier will use his stored up energy to do something he’s not supposed to,” said Wally.

Apart from the issues surrounding terms and conditions of a soldier, infantry trained men and women must be involved in activities that keep them preoccupied and focused on what they are being trained for.

The retired Captain’s views that there is a breakdown of command and control are aligned with comments from the opposition and those who have been victim to violent reactions by members of the defense forces.

He emphasized that those in command and control of infantry men, should not mix around with soldiers, as it compromises a leader’s control over his troops.

"PNGDF Hierarchy’s are in fear, they are losing moral courage to stand-up do what is morally right. And, that is to discipline soldiers,” said Wally.

“They ought to be disciplined; however, officers have all the powers to do so but they are not…charge them,” he said.

Last week, Brigadier General Francis Agwi released a media statement announcing the establishment of a Task Force team who will oversee the Taurama Barracks administration, to identify its weaknesses.

The four-member operation will be set up in the barracks, comprising a colonel, lieutenant colonel, a Major and a PNGDF lawyer. They will assist by putting in place annual programmes and activities for all Taurama PNGDF personals for 2013 and beyond. [EMTV]
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