Air Niugini Delivers Second Boeing Retrofit Aircraft

PORT MORESBY - Air Niugini took delivery of its second retrofit aircraft in Port Moresby yesterday. It represents the advancement in the airline’s fleet, offering a whole new travel experience.

Three men were united yesterday, the CEO of Air Niugini, Simon Foo; CEO of PNG Tourism Promotion Authority, Peter Vincent; and US Ambassador to PNG, Walter North.

Their common interest was Air Niugini’s Boeing Retrofit Aircraft, Victor. 

Passengers in business class will have more leg room, giving more opportunity to recline completely.

At the back of all the seats throughout, video screens, offering movies in early genre, premier classics, family classics, documentaries and even games.

TPA CEO Peter Vincent said all sectors of Tourism should be working together to boost tourism in the country. He said this while announcing TPA would be opening offices in Israel and China.

“If you want the airline to reduce the fares, we all have to meet and talk about how to manage our costs to bring the prices down so that we can start to promote tourism a little bit better,” said Vincent.

Ambassador North congratulated the airline for being on par with the rest of the world. He said as this is the pacific century the Airline industry is critical.

He however says PNG’s ‘Land of the Unexpected’ catchphrase be changed to the ‘Land of the Expected’.

“Land of the Expected meaning that, airlines are safe, flights arrive on time, passengers can expect and receive a quality of customer care which is unparalleled by any other airline in the world,” said Ambassador North.

“I applaud the Tourism Sector in PNG to say ‘Yes We Can’…We can work in this country to create that standard of excellence,” he said.

Boeing has produced over a thousand aircrafts with PNG being one of it 57 customers. [EMTV]
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