Angau Hospital Staff Housing Construction Likely To Delay Due To Court Battle

LAE (MOROBE) - Angau’s management has plans to use the existing K15 million funds it has in its accounts to build new housing for nurses. The National Executive Council has given Angau’s management approval to start with rehabilitation of the hospital including staff housing.

Some months ago, nurses went on strike in protest over housing issues that needed addressing.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, intervened and sent Lae MP, Loujaya Toni and Housing Minister Paul Ezekiel, they both said the management would go before housing is built.

“We will address the problem of housing with a new management,” said Toni.

“Firstly, the management has to go before housing is build,” said Ezikiel.

Other problems have surfaced. Angau’s management was in court yesterday.

They were summoned by another party claiming ownership of land portion opposite the hospital that according to the board was awarded to the hospital for future expansion.

“The information that I have from National Health Department since the closure of the aerodrome… Nation Government… set aside land for Angau,” said Angau Board chairman Benson Nablu. 

With the ongoing court battle, it may cause more delays to the construction of accommodation. [EMTV]
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