This September, Task Force Sweep into trials of 31 People

PORT MORESBY - This September will see 31 people, charged in corruption cases launched by the Independent Task Force Sweep, stand trial.

Task Force Sweep Chairman, Sam Koim, believes the result of these hearings, will put to rest any assertions of political bias, and enforce the message that while corruption has its dividends for perpetrators, justice will no longer be delayed.

In an interview with EMTV today, Mr Koim said the office of the public prosecutor, is prepared to present the cases on behalf of the State.

The cases are fraud-related, based on investigations that Task Force Sweep has been compiling over the past 2 and a half years.

The cases cover calculated estimates that more that 3 billion kina out of development budgets from the years 2009 to 2011, has been lost to corruption. According to Mr Koim, this is only what ITFS has been able to detect. Unfortunately, he says, corruption has a tendancy to continue growing.

Much of what Task Force Sweep has been able to do with recouping proceeds of crime parked offshore, has been with the assistance of the Australian Federal Police.

Whilst appreciative of their help, Mr Koim believes more can be done through our mutual aid agreements with Australia.

Now with corruption cases being given precedence by the judiciary, one thing is clear.

For those benefitting from stolen money, there is nowhere they can hide. [EMTV]
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