Israelis on fact finding mission in Milne bay

An officer from Israeli Agri industry company, the LR Group is in Milne Bay province on a fact finding mission.

The mission sanctioned by the Milne Bay provincial government aims to identify potential agricultural projects which they can assist to develop.

Governor Titus Philemon says they are hoping to identify a few potential areas to use as model agri industry farm for Milne Bay.

Iran Gal Or, the resident manager of the Innovative Industry Limited, a subsidiary of the Israeli LR Group of companies met with senior management of the Milne Bay provincial government on Monday and is presently moving around the province, visiting various project sites to gauge if there are potentials to develop on.

It’s a visit upon invitation by the Milne Bay provincial government who feel the company has the technology, the expertise and the resources to help develop Milne Bay's agriculture sector.

They visited the Punipuni and Garowai Lease extension portions, Suai Menian and Sagarai valley areas and will check out the Suau coast through to Logea, Sariba and Sedea islands and where eco culture and seaweed farming is being trialed.

The company has invested in the number of projects throughout Papua New Guinea including the National Capital District, Hela province and they've conducted a similar few inspections in other provinces.
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