Eda Ranu Board Supply Two Millions Litres to Motu Koitabuan Villages

PARI VILLAGE (PORT MORESBY) -  The Eda Ranu board has revealed that 2 million litres of water supplied by the Mount Eriama water plant, outside of Port Moresby is wasted every day.

This wastage has been linked to illegal connections particularly in the squatter settlements and the Motu Koitabuan villages. The board revealed this at Pari village on Tuesday when opening new taps.

Pari village is one of the Motu Koitabuan villages and is situated in the Moresby South Electorate.

Water supply is scarce that many get it through from illegal connections. The villagers were told to use the resource wisely to improve their lives.

In her speech, Eda Ranu Board Chairlady Mary Karo said the entity pays for 4 million litres per day for Port Moresby alone. However, 2 million litres has not been unaccounted for.

“It’s not easy. We can only bring water to the areas where people are able to pay for it. Why? Because Eda Ranu receives and pays 4 million litres of water per day that comes from Mt Eriama,” Karo said

Out of that 4 million litres per day we only charge out 2 million, we don’t where the other 2 million litres is going to in a day.”

This service will be taken care of by a village committee with assistance from Eda Ranu.
Similar programs will be rolled in other communities in the next months.

Meantime, in a media statement, PNG Power advised electricity and water consumers in the nation’s capital to use the resources wisely while responsible entities work out timings for rationing in the coming days.

PNG Power said this is due to a 33 percent drop of the water level at the Sirinumu dam outside of Port Moresby.

Consumers have been urged to turn off lights, fans, air conditions and other electrical appliances that are not in use.

Water must also be used wisely as the more we use, the faster it is drained out from the dam.  [EMTV]
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