Police Processing Six Cases Related to Intan Jaya Election

TIMIKA (MIMIKA)- Police of processing six criminal cases related to conflict between supporters Intan Jaya regency election candidates, Papua.

Papua Police Chief Inspector Paulus Waterpauw in Timika on Wednesday, said six police reports, among others about the alleged provocateurs and intellectual actors Intan Jaya conflict, murder and persecution of citizens, public house burning case included the use of rifles for shooting at residents.

"We again six police report process. The use of guns, the wind we wear the Emergency Law (Law No. 12 of 1951)," said Inspector Paul.

Police chief confirms a very serious police investigate all perpetrators of crimes sparked clashes supporters pair cabup-cawabup Intan Jaya result three people were killed and dozens more were injured.

Strict law enforcement and measured it, he said, in order to deter those who have always sought banging society.

"Do not accustomed to things that are not good it was that made the people suffer because of their interests. We will not tolerate anymore," said Paul Waterpauw.

In order to support the investigation and the investigation of riots in Intan Jaya on 23 February, the police will check the data on the video cassette Commission Intan Jaya and other related parties that record the activities of the plenary meeting and the vote count recapitulation elections Intan Jaya.

"There is a video that can be used as evidence to guide our legal hold parties involved in provoking the public during a plenary meeting of the Commission Intan Jaya," said Paul.

Currently, he said, the situation of social order in Sugapa, Intan Jaya regency capital has begun conducive.

There are also hundreds of refugees still displaced in Nabire and Timika.

They were evacuated to Nabire and Intan Jaya due to injuries from arrows and bullets hit by a pellet gun at the outbreak of the conflict in Intan Jaya on Thursday (23/2). (antara)
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