Local Workers in Freeport Reached 32.000 People

JAKARTA - Freeport Solidarity Movement (GSPF) recorded the moment PT Freeport Indonesia to absorb as much as 32 608 local workers, who have provided significant benefits to the economy of Mimika, Papua Province.

Virgo Solossa GSPF spokesman when contacted in Jakarta on Tuesday that, in total, labor Freeport Indonesia reached 33 452 people with the details of 32 608 local workers and 844 foreign workers.

"Of the total 33 452 workers, as many as 12 184 are direct employees and another 21 286 contractor workers," he said.

Then, out of a total of 33 452 workers, Papuans reached 8413 people or 25.15 percent and non-Papuan Indonesian workers some 24 195 people or 72.33 percent.

Meanwhile, foreign workers only 844 people or 2.5 percent.

He continued, from direct employees totaling 12 184 Freeport Indonesia, a worker Papuans reached 4,357 or 35.76 per cent and non-Papuan Indonesian employee number 7652, or 62.8 percent.

While only a limited number of foreign employees 175 people, or 1.44 percent.

With these data, according to Virgo, disruption of operations Freeport now felt quite heavy by the people of Mimika.

"When companies lay off and laid off the employees, it automatically affects the social and economic dynamics of society," he said.

He continued, the longer the negotiation process with the central government Freeport, increasingly have a major impact on revenue and the sustainability of public life.

Virgo add, since 1996, Freeport has doubled the number of indigenous Papuan employees who hold positions of strategic management.

"Until now, there have been six 'vice president' Papuans and 40 senior level managers or employees of Papua. In addition, there have been 29 operators 'haul truck' lady," he said.

Meanwhile, social media have emerged in Papua movement to speak, using the hashtag #papuabicara who asked the government to pay more attention to the problems of the people's interests Freeport Papua.

Head of Manpower Mimika Septinus Soumilena said the presence of Freeport has become an engine of economic growth.

"Undeniably, more than four decades of Freeport has become an engine of economic growth and contribute significantly to job creation in Papua," he said.

According to data from the study of the Economic Development Institute (LPEM) UI in 2013, the presence of Freeport contributes 91 percent to the gross regional domestic product (GRDP) Mimika, 38 percent to the GDP of Papua, 1.7 percent of the total state budget, 0.8 percent of all revenues national household, and 44 percent of household income in the province of Papua.

During the period 19922016, Freeport has invested more than 1.46 billion dollars for infrastructure and public Mimika.

Construction of the city, airports, roads, bridges, government buildings, hospitals, water facilities, airfields pioneer, water facilities, as well as sports stadiums, can be seen if a visit to Mimika.

In addition to absorbing more than 33,000 workers, Freeport also create more than 238,000 jobs as a result of multiple (multiplier effect) of his presence.

According Septinus, by assuming a father who worked in Freeport and then stay in the city of Timika to bring the family, the basic needs of both primary, secondary, tertiary of the family must be obtained from providers of goods and services in Timika.

That is again, said Septinus, there is movement in the economy caused by the needs of the citizens of Freeport.

"Imagine when multiplied by tens of thousands of employees and contractors Freeport, then there was a 'multiplier effect' that have a positive impact on the creation of new jobs and prosperity," he said. (antara)
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