Examination Schools in Mimika is Officialy Opened

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - Vice Regent of Mimika, Papua, officially opened the implementation of the Examination Schools in high school and vocational school in the region by providing the exam questions to the Head of SMK Negeri 1 Mimika in Timika on Wednesday.

In the presence of teachers and hundreds of students examinees SMK Negeri 1, Wabup Mimika Yohanis Bassang say this exam as a milestone and the initial stage for the future of the students better.

He also advised that the students are not reckless in driving a vehicle after the implementation of the tests.

"I see when it's over it's like forgetting self exam. It should return to calm after the test in order to return brood I would go to where if I pass," he said.

"Do the questions well and do not rush, then immediately go home and prepare for the next test," he said again.

Wabup on the same occasion also appreciated the Department of Secondary Education schools in Mimika US organizers to organize exams in spite of the current budgeted cost of the test Dispenmen can not be cashed.

Meanwhile, related to the number of participants UN SMA / SMK in Mimika this year registered as many as 2,282 students from 19 high schools and 19 vocational school in the region.

While schools that will hold computer-based UN (UNBK) as many as 15 schools consisting of nine vocational schools and six high school. (antara)
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