Papua Beauty Promotion from the summit of Cartensz Pyramid

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - Somatua Foundation wants to show the world that Papua safely through tourism. The Foundation chairman, Somatua Maximus Tipagau say the beauty of Papua seed could be an attraction for the adventurous world.

"For 50 years there was a gold mine in Papua, now we will make a new gold mine in the form of tourism," he said in an official statement in Timika, Sunday (9/8).

Maximus said in the area of ​​Papua existing tourist attraction that has become the target of adventurers all over the world, the summit of Mount Carstensz, who became one of the world's seven summits.

The summit is also no eternal snow in the tropics are expected to disappear within the next 20 years.

"Today is the most appropriate time to come to Carstensz and witness history eternal snow, as well as prove that Papua peaceful," he added.

However, he admitted to the present regulations and regulations on tourism in Papua are still unclear, so the optimal untapped tourism potential. [Antara]
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