Police Caution During State of Origin Rugby League

PORT MORESBY - Police have cautioned the people against resorting to violence during the State of Origin rugby league decider tonight, suggesting that they should instead watch the Pacific Games.

Metropolitan Superintendent Andy Bawa was refering to reports of violence around the country after the second State of Origin match on June 17.

It included a brawl that led to the death of a man at the Erima Wildlife in the National Capital District.
It was alleged that the man died after a brawl.

“I’d like to caution all city residents especially (on) the State of Origin match,” Bawa said.

“The match is played in Australia, and there were some incidents (in PNG) after the second match.

“I’d like to caution everybody tomorrow night (tonight) to go out to the sporting venues and support PNG teams, instead of supporting the Australian State of Origin. What’s happening here is an opportunity to get right behind our PNG athletes.”

He said if people had to watch the rugby league match in Brisbane tonight, “I’d just like to urge them to watch, enjoy the game, and not to do anything silly like what they did last time”.

Meanwhile, Bawa is generally pleased with how the security arrangements are working out in Port Moresby during the Games.

“So far so good in the city,” he said.

“I’ve been to all the locations, checking out all the venues, as well as the city in general, and it’s been fairly quiet.

“I’m quite pleased with the behaviour of the general public. It’s been really good.” However, the police security commander at the Sir John Guise Stadium Peter Guiness said they arrested three men trying to sneak in marijuana into the stadium.

One man was caught on Monday while two were arrested yesterday.

“We have picked up a couple of young fellows with drugs (marijuana) in their possession,” he told The National.

“I’d like to appeal to the youths who are coming to Sir John Guise, or going to any other venues, please do not carry marijuana or offensive weapons.” [TheNational]
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