National Airports Corporation (NAC) Welcomes Arriving Teams

PORT MORESBY - National Airports Corporation (NAC) stands ready to assist Papua New Guinea to deliver the best outcome in this year’s Pacific Games.

This is the assurance from Acting Managing Director, Joseph Tupiri.

Mr Tupiri when speaking at the commissioning of the new look extension of the Jacksons International Airport terminal facilities, said that the entity is proud and ready to welcome the teams, who will be competing in this year’s Pacific Games in Papua New Guinea.

Mr Tupiri said that the new look extension at the Jacksons International Airport Terminal, is the first impression to our visitors into the games.

This is because airports are the entry port for Papua New Guinea.

He said as Papua New Guinea is venturing into reaching the world class standard, it is important that stakeholders work together to achieve results, as patriotic citizens of the country. [EMTV]
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