Traditional Traders force Goverment to Close Town's Old Market

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - Traders were aimed at finding a buyer, or hope that the merchandise sold, sold in the market. When lonely, they can act to take steps, including conducting demonstrations as happened in Mimika Regency, Papua.

In Mimika, traders who had been selling in the Central Market, often called the central market, conduct peaceful demonstrations to the Office of Trade and Industry (Industry and Trade), earlier this week. Dozens of traders it turns out that the government intended to close some of the mini-market in the town of Timika, such as the old market (ex market self-help) in Timika City Centre along the culvert market in the former Freeport old road on the outskirts of the city of Timika.

Hopes on the government to traders in the old market and in the market culvert was moved to Timika Central Market, which is centered on the Road Hassanudin Timika, Papua.

"We hope that the government curb the merchants in the old market and the traders who sell around Market culvert," said Valen Ulahayana, action coordinator traders.

Market traders do not want when there is merchandise sales activities outside the new market location, or outside the central market Timika.

Permintahan it shall be executed by the government, if not, the traders in the central market will vigilante. They promised to dismantle the traditional markets, the location of the unlicensed mini market.

The central market traders also reasoned, their actions only help the task of the government ought to control roads and public areas used as a place of business and trade in goods.

Meanwhile Mama Degei, one of the traders of vegetables and plantation crops in the market culvert Timika, admitted that he felt threatened by the statements and actions of fellow traders Timika origin of the Central market.

"If there selling, money is expensive motorcycles. Too much, who wants to pay for a motorcycle taxi wasteful? "Said Mama Degei.

Similar also disclosed colleagues potato and vegetable seller in the Old Market Timika. "Thought easy selling in that where? A motorcycle is not money we spend, but the place is full, "added Mama Edowai. He admitted, selling vegetables and potatoes more salable in the market longer than sell at the central market.

Insistence was only natural, because the activity of both markets has had an impact, reducing the visitors and shoppers at Central Market Timika. Peaceful demonstration was addressed to traders clothing, and home furnishings.

"Peaceful demonstrations were not aimed at mama greengrocer and potatoes. But more so to the seller of clothing and home furnishings, "said John Giay, social observers in Timika, Friday (15/5).

A few days earlier, Diskoperindag parties acknowledge, the limitations of taking a decision. Diskoperindag leadership was outside the area, while on business trip.

"It's head office again out of the area, then we'll come back later completed Which is the best way out?" Barnabas said Dias, Head of the Commerce Koperindag Mimika.

The demonstration was considered a perseturuan interests of business and consumers. Another source Anigouw News, reveal, the buyers mainly buyers of clothing and home furnishings such as plates, spoons m, as well as basic food needs, more local residents shopping at a second location that is threatened by market traders that the central market. Reason interests of the competition, the union's central market traders Timika setemnpat allegedly urged the government to immediately curb the spread of local merchants in Timika according to the rules and regulations. [Papuanesia]
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