Mimika Regent cancel the Purchase of a New Car

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - Eltinus Omaleng the Regent of Mimika, Papua Province, cancel the purchase of new official cars for him and vice regent.

The cars worth Rp4.5 billion from the 2015 budget.

He asserted that expenditure budget for the new official cars will be diverted to increase the purchase price of a helicopter Mimika regency.

The helicopter is expected to support public services in the inland villages that can not be reached by other modes of transportation such as airplanes.

"Instead of people fuss over plan to buy a car for $ 2.5 billion regent and vice regent Rp2 billion then I want to return the money. We canceled that funds used for the purchase of small helicopters at once a large helicopter to use public transport in mountain areas because there was no transportation to get there, " Omaleng said.

Hi confirm that he did not accept new car, because he's car is over the new one.

"What's also new car speckle, I also have a car," he said.

To support their daily activities, Eltinus prefer using his white Hummer, a SUV car.

Along with his deputy, Yohanis Bassang, They both appointed by the Governor of Papua Luke Enembe on 5 September 2014 after winning elections Mimika second round on May 31, 2014.

Before serving as Mimika Regent, Eltinus Omaleng is an entrepreneur who handles a number of companies in Timika like PT Salju Abadi Sejahtera (SAS), as manpower supply company PT Freeport Indonesia and a number of privatized companies and contractors. [Antara]
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