Freeport Indonesia accused to gain Profit on Kamoro Culture

TIMIKA (MIMIKA) - The presence of PT Freeport Indonesia, the largest copper, gold and other minerals miners in Mimika for 40 years was not always give a positive impact to the local residents. The giant company was able to disrupt the lives of natives, such as experienced Kamoro tribes in Mimika Papua.

Revealed Mimika education observer, John Gadaby Giay, Sunday (10/5) morning. He claim Freeport should build Kamoro culture that enjoyed by the Kamoro people, not by the outside world.

"Freeport has failed to commercialize the Kamoro culture, whether in the form of cultural festivals, choral culture or whatever. They are more profitable over the years is Freeport. While the Kamoro harmed, "he said.

In any aspect of life, especially education and cultural identity of the Kamoro, thought still controlled by Freeport for economic interests and power.

"Freeport has not fully contribute to the empowerment of knowledge, economy and culture of the Kamoro," said Bali's Udayana University graduate.

Giay hope that, empowerment Freeport against local human resources, especially to the younger generation of artists Kamoro and more apparent in traditional rituals and cultural aspects of life in native populations.
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