Driver Association demand Rp 60 Milion to PT Permata Putra Mandiri

TEMINABUAN (SOUTH SORONG) - The Teminabuan Driver Association held a demonstration demanding PT Permata Putra Mandiri (PPM) pay compensation amounting to Rp 60 million.

Association chairman Maikel Mandabayan said the company must pay the cost of transporting Iwaro community members from Sorong city to South Sorong to attend a meeting held by PT PPM in Teminabuan some time ago.

“We used 31 cars to take Iwaro community, but we have not been paid yet. As a result three drivers got fired by their bosses,” Maikel said this week.

He added they could not pay for that much money, ” The company occupied their land and Iwaro people used cars to South Sorong for the meeting. The community have no much money so we come to the company to pay us (the drivers of public transportation), ” Maikel said.

The driver threatened, if their demands are not granted by PT PPM, to continue to come rally in front of the company’s office, saying that they were even ready to make a large-scale protest in Sorong.

Meanwhile, assistant general manager of PT Permata Putra Mandiri, Gritje Fonataba, said the company would not pay the drivers as there was no indication the South Sorong government was willing to pay.

Previously there was an agreement to have meetings between PT PPM, the Government of South Sorong and the community, and attended by the police some time ago. The deal was only 10 representatives.

“We (PT PPM) have been agreed for 10 people, but if more than that it is not the responsibility of PPM. We (PT PPM) follow the advice of the local government. To the drivers, we are sorry that we (PT PPM) could not pay, ” Gritje stated. [Jubi]
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