Biak Numfoor Regency Guarantee Journalist Safety

JAYAPURA CITY - Head of Public Relations and Protocol Biak Numfor Agus Filma, S.Sos, said it guarantee the safety of journalists in his regency.

This was expressed when he delivering a press conference at the Press Room Office of the Governor of Papua, Jayapura, on Wednesday (13/5) related to a threats against daily journalists, Viktor Palembangan.

"So there are threats from rogue is probably because after this incident there were several outstanding SMS discredit certain institutions, so there are elements of these institutions feel abused and others, causing happened threats," he said.

Further Filma says, in principle, the local government still wants to secure Biak Noemfoor Fiktor Palembangan without any element of revenge and others.

"We have contacted the municipal police Biak Numfor to ensure Victor safety," he said.

He also said to establish communication with the Cenderawasih Pos, media where Victor work to.

Therefore, he said, the Regent Thomas AE Ondy related this incident has expressed regret profusely and apologized to both the reporter Fiktor Palembangan and all members of the press wherever located.

As a form of remorse, said Filma, Regent of Biak Noemfoor have future plans wants to continue building a harmonious relationship with members of the press wherever they are, especially in Papua.

"Because he understands any of our activities in the government if not published the press, it is difficult to access the information society development, particularly in Biak Noemfoor," said Filma.

Meanwhile Secretary Papua T.E.A. Hery Dosinaen, S. IP, emphasize, as a rule in a civil bureaucracy should not be running other tasks, including work as a journalist.

Because, Viktor Palembangan who portray themselves as a journalist is a PNS Group III B is placed as extension workers in the Department of Animal Husbandry and Agriculture Noemfoor Biak district since 2010.

"Mr. Regent did so, because the relevant staff regent is not a journalist," said Secretary when asked by reporters in his office, Wednesday (13/5) concerning acts Regent of Biak Numfoor Thomas AE Ondy, SE, Which allegedly beating against Victor, Saturday (9/5) at around 15.15 CET on Housing Complex SKB Bridge, Biak.

Members of the press in Jayapura city also held a demonstration at the Home Office of the Governor of Papua, on Tuesday (12/5). Once put through the same demo in Papua police headquarters.

Are there any sanctions given to other tasks concurrently civil servants, said the Secretary, of any sanctions against civil servants staffing the other tasks concurrently. "

If he accepts letter as a civil servant means he has rights as an active civil servants," said Secretary said, adding it would make more clear confirmation in local government civil servants Biak related Noemfoor other tasks concurrently.

PNS related to other tasks concurrently, continued Secretary, it is to note, during the Local Government Biak Noemfoor considered weak in monitoring, because it did not see Her staff went to work as a journalist. "Leaders regions there should really be condensed so that it can control all existing apparatus," said Secretary.

Nevertheless, added the Secretary, his party as the leadership of the bureaucracy on behalf of the governor apologized to the media friends if that information that the person concerned is a journalist.

"Let us look at these issues, including the problems in this Noemfoor Biak are balanced so that there is a good solution for this land," said the Secretary.[Binpa]
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