Pageant Show on Centra Province Provincial Day

PORT MORESBY - Central province provincial day is a one day celebration staged and organised by the University of Papua New Guinea Central Province Students Association. With external support and assistance from the individual Central students parents, the event is staged every year during semester two of the academic year.

It is a day where all respective student from different communities, come together in union to celebrate and remember the day with traditional dancing performances, drama, live perfomance and the Central Province Pageant show.

Each student from each district present their traditional dancers with two representatives - a male and a female. All dancers are dressed in their colourful traditional attires, with smiley faces, glow with painted and tattooed faces and oiled skins, happily line up and entertain the gathered audience.

The event attracts many who are also not from Central Province. Each year, the event is staged in the second semester of the academic year, and is incredible. All small communities come under each district, have different traditional attires. This varies from their traditional songs, costumes, costume colours and designs that are painted and tattooed on their bodies, come together showcasing the beauty of Central Province.

At the end of the day, all judged results are finalised and reported. Winners closely chosen from each category are awarded and a Miss and Mr Central Province representative are awarded and crowned. These two representatives are selected to represent the province during the UPNG Quest, which is an annual event that the school stages in line with the independence celebrations in September.

Central provincial day is a one day event. It signifies the beauty of Central Province and for students to promote their identity and develop a culture of maintaining their cultural inheritance. Though a one day event, it means a lot to the locals, inviting parents from Central Province who come together to also celebrate and support their children through the day’s activities. It is an annual event staged every year by the students. [EMTV]
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