Cita Citata Hurt Papuans with her Racist Remarks

JAKARTA - Cita Citata, the dangdut singer most famous for her 2014 hit, ‘Sakitnya Tuh Disini’ (‘It Hurts Right Here’) definitely hurt a lot of Papuans recently with her racist remarks. In fact, Cita’s comments were so offensive that she could find herself in legal trouble.

Kapanlagi reported that Cita Citata wore traditional Papuan attire during a TV program some time ago. Out of nowhere, while being interviewed about her dress, she unbelievably said, “Don’t I look beautiful? Unlike Papuans.”

Anyone would rightly be offended by such a statement. But Papuans aren’t taking the matter lightly. In fact, some are planning legal action against the dangdut star.

“We’ve sued her. We’re going to report her to Commision X in the DPR, the National Commission on Human Rights and the Jakarta Police Cyber Crimes Unit with the charge of violating the Law on Information and Electronic Transactions,” said Deddy Djunaedi, legal representative of Papuan public figure Johanes Gluba Gebze, as quoted by Kapanlagi yesterday.

For her part, Cita Citata has apologized for her strange racial outburst.

But will the people of Papua be so quick to forgive the dangdut star? Or are they going after Cita Citata where it will hurt her most? [Coconut]
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