Acceleration of Development Agency for Health in Papua (UP2KP) Set Five Complaint Post

JAYAPURA CITY - The executive director of the Acceleration of Development Agency for Health in Papua (UP2KP), Esau Rumbiak, said it will set up complaint posts in five regions in the province of Papua.

“If nothing changes, the team will go down to the five regions on Wednesday (19/11) to set up a complaint posts,” Rumbiak told Jubi, in Abepura, Jayapura on Monday (17/11).

He further added that UP2KP was established is to accommodate health issues arising from the bureaucracy, health centers and state hospitals. Many Papuans still have to pay for healthcare in the pharmacy and there have been reports of “extortion” that occur in hospitals and health centers, as well as the patient referral system

“With the resources of health professionals, UP2KP attempt to make breakthroughs in order to improve health services ,” Rumbiak said again.

Therefore, UP2KP encouraged to set up complaint posts in order to accommodate public complaints in various state hospitals and expected will contribute to the improvement of public services.

Location of complaint post would be Jayapur state hospital a (Regional Mamta), Abepura, Jayapura City hospital , RSU Yowari Jayapura regency , RSU Kwaingga Keerom, Merauke state hospital , Biak state hospital Numfor, Jayawijaya Hospital, RSU Nabire, and the Mimika Hospital.

Ivan, a resident said that he was pleased to hear about the program “We hope that the public will have direct access to control public services in the health sector,” Ivan said to the Jubi, in Padang Bulan on Monday (17/11). [Jubi]
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