Tulele Peisa Ursal Rakove try to Relocate the People of Carterets

PORT MORESBY - Executive director of Tulele Peisa Ursal Rakove says their group is tried to trying to get international funding to support their work in relocating the people of Carterets.

She says writing proposals in hope of getting funding support has not been fruitful and it has come to a point where they feel they are on their own.

Rakove said that donor funds have many criterions which cannot be fulfilled and this has hampered their hopes of getting help.

She says it is unfair for industrialized countries who are the ones responsible for the changing climate to set criterion for small island communities affect.

She said it was unrealistic for them to set criterias if they were trying to help people adapt and mitigate climate change.

“So with a lack of financial support to our work we have started a cocoa project where  we will buy cocoa from locals including Carterets people settled in Tinputz and we will export,” she said.

They hope the revenue they make from exporting will help their work of relocation and settling in of people.

Rakove says in the beginning they had issues of hunger, malnutrition, and income.

But as they struggled on they managed to plant gardens for families, who were relocated, and now the cocoa business is also being done with the aim to provide revenue for them as well. [PNGLoop]
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