The National Capital District Commission pay for Plastic items

PORT MORESBY - The National Capital District Commission has allocated K200,000 to pay for plastic bags and other plastic items considered as rubbish.

In his campaign to make the city a clean and healthy place to live in, NCD Governor Powes Parkop is focusing on the removal of plastic bags and other plastic products.

He warns manufacturers of plastic goods to use degradable products or face the full force of the law.

“I have talked to relevant authorities about how to go about the issue of plastic bags and other plastic products and will not be hesitating to tell the manufacturers on what I am planning to do,” Parkop said.

“Banning betelnut has greatly improved the cleanliness of the city and therefore NCDC has allocated K200,000 and will start buying plastic bags, bottles, coverings and other plastic products to continue the effort in maintaining the cleanliness of Port Moresby city.

“This exercise will begin once we set up the markets or locations where we will be buying those plastic bags and products. All you have to do is collect plastic bags or any products made from plastic and bring it to the market location, and we will pay you,” Parkop said.

He said Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had also given his support to this initiative through the Peter O’Neill Foundation which will be rewarding plastic collectors with parcels of food.

Parkop says the onus is now with the plastic manufacturers to adhere to the warnings and start looking for materials to use apart from plastics or face the consequences. [PNGEdge]
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