The PNG National Government Embarks on Repealing Current Coffee Export Law

The PNG National Government Embarks on Repealing Current Coffee Export Law
PORT MORESBY - The National Government is embarking on repealing the current laws that are regulating the export of coffee to the World Market.

This announcement was made by Minister for Agriculture and Livestock, Tommy Tomscoll.

Minster Tomscoll said the current law is too giving the buying power to only a few buyers who have a monopoly over the market.

This new direction will create avenue and greater excess for Papua New Guineans to export their harvest.

Minister Tomscoll made the announcement yesterday when officiating at the launch of Tari Pori’s 5- Year Agriculture Plan.

Currently, Papua new Guineans have limited chances of owning export licenses because of the requirements such as a credit letter from the bank and the sit capital.

However, the government will soon put an end to this by reviewing and revisiting the current requirements.

The minister plans to have an export license per district, this he says is to provide more avenues for locals to take control of how they grow and export their coffee.

“I am reserving one export license per district under the new arrangement,” said Tomscoll.

“I am doing so, primarily because I want to shift the competition from the town centre into the district,” he added.

His announcement was re-emphasized by colleague minister, James Marape who said the government is now focused on reviving the agriculture sector.

Both minister agreed that this is one of other major announcements to be made concerning the agriculture sector.[EMTV]
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