Tari Pori Distric Launch 5-Year Agriculture Plan

Tari Pori Distric Launch 5-Year Agriculture Plan
PORT MORESBY - The Tari Pori district launched its 5-Year Agriculture Plan yesterday in Port Moresby, and was witnessed by all key partners. Tari Pori is the first district to have a 5 year Agriculture Plan.

The plan aims to capture all existing and potential agriculture activities in the district.

As their member and finance minister put it, Tari Pori is the epicenter of some key national mining and petroleum projects.

This plan aims to link Tari with the mining projects of Mt. Kare and Pogera, and the LNG Gas Project.

Its main objective is to encourage agriculture activities in order for people to take part in generating revenue from the non-renewable sector.

It intends to shift the focus of ordinary people from the non-renewable sector to the renewable sector.

Minister Marape said most times the people of Hela are referred to as landowners of the LNG project, but the fact is that only five per cent of will benefit from the royalties.

Together with the plan, the member has registered seven agriculture based corporative societies.

The plan will eventually mobilise farmers into these corporative societies for them to own and drive the plan. [EMTV]
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