Eda Ranu Performance under ICCC Scrutiny

PORT MORESBY - Eda Ranu is proud of what it has achieved amid trying circumstances, but its performance has come under scrutiny by the ICCC.

Some of the issues used by ICCC to measure the company’s performance are sewerage overflows, water main breaks and leaks.

But the board and management in a news conference yesterday explained that most of these issues highlighted in the report are a result of consumer negligence.

Eda Ranu Chairperson Mary Karo has described the Independent Consumer and Competition Commission’s report on the water company’s operation as Unfair.

She said the report has painted a bad picture of Eda Ranu as a state entity.

“This is certainly an unfair image painted on Eda Ranu as the provider and supplier of the clean and pure water to our people in NCD,” said Mary Karo.

She said Eda Ranu has embarked on a maintenance program which has seen most of its reservoirs in top form. Thus, the company has spent K4 million this year to achieve this.

Chief Executive Officer Henry Mokono says, EDA Ranu has always strived to maintain its standard.

“In terms of quality, Eda Ranu does not compromise our quality. We maintain that quality and it will be maintained for as long as Eda Ranu is in existence,” said Mokono.

He urged his staff to see the report as a challenge and improve its services where necessary.

Chief Operating Officer Dr. Fifaia Matanaiho says, Eda Ranu has maintained its number one KPI that is Water Quality, which the ICCC report did not use to measure its performance.

He said Eda Ranu has exceeded all water utilities in the Pacific to match international standard.

Eda Ranu has been operating for the past 16 years. It is a state owned entity mandated by an Act of Parliament in 1966 to meet metropolis Port Moresby’s chronic water and sanitation needs. [EMTV]
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