Senior Police Officers Undergoing Leadership Training at the Bomana Police College

BOMANA (PORT MORESBY) - Twenty senior police officers are currently in Port Moresby undergoing a Leadership Training at the Bomana Police College.

The six months Leadership Training is aimed at enhancing leadership skills and to equip them with skills to combat challenges faced by the Constabulary.

Deputy Prime Minister and Former Police Commissioner Leo Dion visited the participants yesterday to share his experiences in the disciplined force.

It was after 20 years that the former Police Commissioner and now Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion stepped into Bomana Police College, outside Port Moresby.

Mr Dion shared what he described as rusty memories of him in the police force, back then disciplined was highly maintained.

“The twenty-four years is long enough to be rusty, but at the same time also to be encourage through our observation on how the constabulary has been doing in a way,” he said.

As the Training touched on leadership issues, ethics among others, he told them, the government has recognised the needs of the police, including those in the frontline of restoring law and order in the community.

“The government has endorsed a 150 million kina to be paid to such people starting from next year…and that is for the peace officers, the chairman and deputy chairman, the Clarks to name a few,” announced Dion.

The Royal PNG Constabulary has been faced with many challenges; some were deliberated at the workshop.

Going forward, the police hierarchy has been challenged to address some of the outstanding issues, housing remains the biggest issue. [EMTV]
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