Peter O'Neill Lauds Oil Search Offshore Job

KEREMA (GULF) - Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said he was impressed with Oil Search Ltd’s offshore drilling campaign in the Gulf of Papua.

O’Neill and Gulf governor Haivila Kavo toured the company’s drilling operations at the Kidukidu well site last Thursday, accompanied by company managing director Peter Botten and senior executives.

The Stena Clyde drilling programme in the Gulf of Papua is the first offshore drilling programme in PNG in 12 years and is being carried out at a cost of more than US$210 million (K483.8 million).

The rig has been in operation for six months, starting with drilling of the Flinders 1 and Hagana 1 wells, both in petroleum prospecting licence 244 and Kidukidu, which is in PPL 385.

The Stena Clyde drilling rig and two tow vessels arrived in PNG last March 25. O’Neill and Kavo flew onto the rig in a helicopter and were taken on a tour of the Stena Clyde, and then met with 10 Papua New Guineans currently working on the rig.

“Today’s trip was very informative, something that I have never done before, and now I have a better sense of appreciation of what’s happening in the industry,’’ O’Neill said.

“Visit to the offshore drilling site, which has been drilling sometime now by Oil Search, looking for gas and oil ... I think it is important to get an appreciation of the challenges that oil companies like Oil Search continue to face in a very challenging environment, trying to continue to contribute positively to the economy of our country.

“Oil Search is an important stakeholder in Papua New Guinea … important player in the oil and gas industry … so, I think it is only fair that we continue to support the company, making sure that they continue to perform well, they continue to achieve the outstanding results they‘ve achieved so far.

“Equally, I was impressed with the number of Papua New Guineans working on the rig site … very impressed that they are getting the appropriate skills … that would make sure they have a very good career in the industry.

“It was good to see that 10 Papua New Guineans have been working and living on the offshore drill site that is run by Oil Search.

“Again, I congratulate Oil Search for taking that initiative to making sure Papua New Guineans are participating actively in the industry,” O’Neill said. [TheNational| OffShoreEnergyToday]
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