Peter O'Neill : The Black Cat Track Incident is Regrettable

PORT MORESBY - Prime Minister Peter O’Neill says the Black Cat Track incident is regrettable. He told EMTV that investigations are being carried out to establish reasons behind the attack.

At this stage, Prime Minister Peter O’Neill is still absorbing information on what exactly took place on the Black Cat Track in Salamaua, Morobe province.

He is aware that those involved included Escapees from Buimo prision, that they targeted the porters.
However, he said it’s still early to make any concrete conclusion.

“It was a targeted attack on the porters, which resulted in their death and few other sustained serious injuries,” commented O’Neill.

He’s been briefed that the porters that survived are currently getting treatment at Angau hospital.

He said there are some sectors of community that continue to disrespect other members of our country.

In the meantime, investigation is being carried out to establish facts. Six men wanted for the killing of the two porters are still at large.

The Wau police reported that the suspects are still hiding in the jungle. The police say the gang comprises members of a family who are known in the Wau area for brutally attacking people.

The police have also issued warning to the members of the Public to take precaution as members of the gang are armed and dangerous.

Their place of residence is known and police are expected to make arrests soon.

The police also said they need manpower and logistical support to fast track the arrests of the suspects. [EMTV]
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