Markham District is HIV/AIDS Hotspot in Momase - Highlands Region

MARKHAM (MOROBE) - Markham district sits on an ideal spot, making it one of the places in Morobe province for people to easily spread HIV.

It’s a district that one passes through first before going into Lae, or when travelling up to the seven highlands provinces and Madang.

The statistics are worrying. The District HIV/AIDS program coordinator, Shem Wanesai, says the figures show rise in people contracting HIV. He says the number of people who have contracted the virus has nearly doubled over 12 months.

The increase is largely driven by high number of clubs and other business operating mostly during night times that has encouraged prostitution and other unsafe sexual behaviors.

Mr. Wanesai says that despite awareness being carried out in the district, people in the district are ignorant. 

In the next few months, Markham district will see the establishment of numerous development projects.

Umi will be developed into a small township…and the Markham valley oil palm project has already begun. The number of people going into the district is also expected to rise.

The district’s HIV/AIDS program coordinator says more awareness needs to be carried out in this part of Morobe to educate those people who takes HIV/AIDS for granted. [EMTV]
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