Heineken Beer Comes to Papua New Guinea

PORT MORESBY - Papua New Guinea’s conducive economic environment continues to attract foreign investments. The World’s Premium Beer, Heineken, has taken advantage of this economic boom by partnering with SP Brewery to launch its product in Port Moresby recently. It has been brewing for over 140 years.

A spectacular evening was the backdrop for the world premiere of the Heineken Brand in PNG. With over forty breweries in seventy countries, it has finally arrived on our shores.

The partnership with PNG’s leading brand SP Brewery has made it possible. It represents an exciting time for SP Brewery, as it expands its portfolio to include the world’s premium brand.

The growth of the middle class in the urban areas for new products and the economic boom are key factors in Heineken’s presence in PNG.

SP Brewery General Manager, Stan Joyce said, the market has developed to cater for the demand for new brands.

He stopped short of revealing the investments into this but said it is a multi-million kina project.

Job creation will mainly be in marketing and events, as it rolls out to other centers.
Heineken‘s Brand Executive Jerome Ruigrok said, Heineken has a passion for quality the world over and hopes to increase its consumer base in the country with its world class advertising. [EMTV]
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