Butibam Villagers Call on Government to Evict Illegal Settlers

BUTIBAM (MOROBE) - The killing of a youth in Lae’s Butibam village over the weekend has prompted villagers to call on the Morobe provincial government to evict illegal settlers.

The young men was stabbed and died instantly. His death was the latest in a series of murders that have happened in the city this year.

The victim is of Finchaffen and Butibam parentage.

The suspect, from Chimbu and East Sepik was nabbed by angry villagers, attacked and handed to the police.

In response to the killing, villagers blocked off the Butibam road leading to Kamkumung and Malahang. Traffics travelling this feeder road were diverted to use other roads. The situation remains tense at the moment.

The killing has prompted the village leaders, calling on the Morobe provincial government for immediate eviction of illegal settlers in Lae city.

This was one of the latest of a series of killings in Lae city that has led to public outrage.

About four months ago, a student pastor was stabbed in a moving bus owned by a Western Highlander at the Bumayong area. His body was thrown out of the moving vehicle.

This was also one of outrage for his relatives who also called on the provincial government to withdraw buses owned by Western Highlanders.

A formal eviction complaint by the Butibam village leaders has been brought to the attention of the Morobe provincial government.

But for the provincial government, it might not be an easy task to satisfy a diverse set of cultures and ethnicities living in one big city/ [EMTV]
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