U.S concerned with violence in PNG

PORT MORESBY - United States says it's concerned with the high incidence of gender base violence in Papua New Guinea.

U.S Ambassador Walter North says they're willing to work with local partners address the situation.

It comes as public outrage grows over the rape of one its citizen in Madang Province.

Ambassador North told NBC News efforts to end sexual violence in PNG are highly commendable.

"Currently, we have not had such a protest from the victims so I guess I would prefer to protect and respect through privacy and not comment now although I will say that I very much welcomed the proactive statements made by senior officials indicating their concern and their desire to improve conditions here.

"Of course it’s not just to improve conditions for visitors, but improve conditions for everyone who is living in this country," Ambassador North said.

Eight suspects have been rounded up so far over the rape of the American academic.

Police have given Friday as deadline for suspects to surrender.
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