University of Papua New Guinea : Violent Students Will be Punished

PORT MORESBY - The ethnic brawl at the University of Papua New Guinea between the Simbu and Enga students last weekend was totally unacceptable, says the UPNG administration.

The university will not tolerate ethnic conflict or any forms of conflict on campus. The students responsible will be held completely accountable for their actions, said Vice-Chancellor, Professor Albert Mellam.

"I am calling on student leaders of Simbu and Enga to resolve their differences as quickly as possible, and in an orderly and professional manner, and ensure that students in both provinces attend classes without fear of intimidation and harassment. Students involved in this brawl which was triggered by consumption of alcohol are being identified and disciplinary actions will be taken against them," he said.

Professor Mellam said this when commenting on last weekend's brawl between the two ethnic groups at Waigani Campus that spilled onto the main road affecting the free flow of traffic.

The actions of a few students have tarnished the reputation of the UPNG and the majority of the law abiding students.

"There is total zero tolerance to alcohol in all University of Papua New Guinea campuses, including the Waigani campus, the Medical School campus and all University Centers throughout the country and every student know that," he added.

Professor Mellam emphasised that while there had been recent pressing national and international issues which the students feel strongly about, last weekend's incident relating to the use and abuse of alcohol and the clash that followed did not help the students' cause.

Referring to the issue of asylum seekers, he praises the SRC for approaching the issue in a mature and professional manner.

He also acknowledged and thanked the SRC leadership under President Peter Numu for their commitment to ensuring that the 2013 academic year is completed without any more disruption. [PostCourier]
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