The Electoral Commissioner : Any Swearing-in Caremony Before 30th August 2013 is Illegal

PORT MORESBY - The Electoral Commissioner has said that any swearing-in ceremony for LLG presidents and councilors elect before the 30th of August 2013 is illegal.

Andrew Trawen explained that ceremonies will follow the return of all writs for the 2013 LLG elections on the 30th of August 2013.

The Commissioner said last weeks swearing-in of LLG presidents-elect and councillors-elect from Goilala district by the Member for Goilala Daniel Mona on Friday in Woitape was completely illegal.

Mr. Trawen explained that the swearing-in was outright illegal because of the fact that writs for the 2013 LLG elections have not been returned.

He called on Goilala MP, Daniel Mona, and his district administration to immediately rescind what they have done.

Meanwhile, the Electoral Commissioner further called for similar swearing-in ceremonies in other provinces to be rescinded immediately as they are also in breach of relevant election laws.

Mr. Trawen also appealed to all presidents-elect and ward members not to hijack the electoral process without first consulting with his office or the Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs on the correct process of effecting “swearing-in ceremonies”. [EMTV]
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