Resolve Dispute, Kelly Naru Called Members of The Morobe Lutheran Church

LAE (MOROBE) - The Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has called on members of the Lutheran Church to resolve an ongoing legal and administrative dispute within the Church owned company, Lutheran Shipping.
Kelly Naru, who is also a Lutheran elder, said the long standing problem must be resolved by Lutherans.

“This is not a new problem,” he said. “This issue goes back several years and the Lutherans who created it must fix this mess.”

The Lutheran Shipping has become a company in crisis. Its workers have been unhappy about the ongoing battle for the company’s top post and financial control.

Last month they threatened to stop work - a threat that has not yet been carried out. The head of the church Bishop Giegere Wenge was summoned to appear in court after he attempted to sack the management.

 Just recently he was issued a restraining order barring him from executing a council decision to terminate management.

The workers have gone on strike over safety issues and a few months ago, along with members of various congregations, they petitioned the bishop again to terminate the management. 

Governor Kelly Naru today weighed in saying both parties need to sit down and talk.

“This issue has to be resolved amicably,” he said.  “As a government I am concerned.” [EMTV]
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