Primary Teacher Unseats Morokoi Gaiwata from Waria Local President's Seat Race

KASANGARE (MOROBE) - A primary school teacher has ousted deputy governor Morokoi Gaiwata in the Waria local level government president’s seat race.

Bill Watta Murphy, from Ngusi village in Kasangare, Waria headwaters, polled 1,127 votes to beat Gaiwata and 24 others for the seat.

Wiwa Mura was second with 1,034 votes with Gaiwata polling 443 votes to finish seventh.

Murphy, who has been a teacher in the last14 years, said in Lae on Monday there was no need to conduct a socio-economy survey to verify the development status of the wards in Waria.

“Simply ask any Waria person about providence of basic goods and social services including development activities and they will boldly tell you that Waria has gone 15 years backwards,” he said.

“Underdevelopment, unproductiveness, misuse of Waria people’s funds and resources demonstrate no basic services,” he said.

Murphy urged the Bulolo district administration and the Morobe provincial government to allocate what  rightfully belongs to Waria people to provide the basic needs of the people.

Murphy said he was willing to work with Deputy Opposition Leader and Bulolo MP Sam Basil to improve services for Waria.

“Basil may do things differently from what I expect but if he wishes to contribute to Waria, we will openly welcome him,” Murphy said.

His motto was to put God first, the Waria people second and the LLG’s public servants third.
Murphy said Gaiwata had assured him he (Gaiwata) would assist where possible.

Waria is among the interior LLGs in the province which lacked services infrastructure, health and education.
Waria, known for its famous Garaina tea and alluvial mining activities, has more than 8,000 people in 17 council wards. [TheNational]
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