Port Moresby General Hospital Eviction and Demolition Notice Resulted in Protest

PORT MORESBY - Eviction and demolition notice served to tenants occupying rooms at the Blue House and old X-ray building behind Port Moresby General Hospital resulted in a protest yesterday.

Health workers were supported by their families in a peaceful protest demanding answers from the hospital management for basic human rights.

The occupants of the Blue House and X-ray building have been living there for the past 25 years.

The tenants are health workers, including nurses, senior administration officers, community health workers, and support staff.

In a letter sent by the hospital board management, all tenants must evict by 22nd July to allow the demolition of buildings.

However, the hospital management did not consider the health workers and their families by providing alternate housing.

“This place is what I called a home…right now I’m told to pack up and leave, but I don’t know where to go,” says Mary Mark – Health Officer.
Mrs Mark added that workers have been paying rentals every fortnight for these condemned houses.

The houses have no proper drainage, and has poor toilet facilitates, and experience water shortages every day.

“The hospital management gave us three eviction notices informing us to look for our own accommodation…but we feel that we’re employees of this hospital and that they should have the responsibility to accommodate us,” says Nurse Gwyneth Eric.

Mrs Eric voiced that accommodation is a major problem in the city and how would they survive if the eviction takes place.

Mrs Eric mentioned that 2 female nursing officers were forced and threatened by the hospital management to take fellow leave and evict the nursing quarters.

Most health workers have been forced to move to Laloki; however, only the hospital employee will reside there without their family members.

It was also noted that the 3 eviction notice served to the occupants of the Blue House and X – Ray were not signed.

Meanwhile, an attempt to speak to the CEO of the Port Moresby General Hospital was unsuccessful. [EMTV]
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