Oro Governor Concerns over Refugee Convention

POPONDETTA (ORO) - Governor of Northern, Gary Juffa, is concerned that Papua New Guinea is assisting Australia, in by-passing the 1951 United Nations Convention on Refugees.

Mr Juffa believes, the asylum seeker deal between P-N-G and Australia, is improper.

Mr Juffa says the convention states that anyone who seeks refugee status in a certain nation is to be processed in that nation.

He says the asylum seekers are heading to Australia, so should be processed in Australia, and not PNG.

PNG's image has also been dragged through mud, having been portrayed as a violent, poverty stricken and disease-ridden nation.

On top of that, Mr Juffa says the decision was made without consulting the national leaders.

"I act on strongly feel that this decision was done without consultation and in great faith and we should re-examine this situation and not do just what we being told to do for the sake of money," Governor Juffa said.

Mr Juffa says the Government has ignored the plight of its own displaced people of Manam as well as the West Papuans, and taken on a much bigger issue. [PNGFacts]
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