Lae Traffic Police Operation To Stop Night Time Travel

LAE (MOROBE) - An increase in fatal highway accidents at night has forced police to set up a major traffic operation in Lae that will stop buses from travelling the highlands highway.

Lae’s metropolitan commander, Ivan Lakatani says the operation code named, Skulim Tulait PMV seeks to do awareness on the dangers of travelling on PMV’s along the highlands highway.

“Any buses leaving Lae City at 2pm-3pm will be stopped from travelling on the highway,” he said.

This follows major road accidents along the highlands that involved PMV’s travelling during nighttime.

Similar operations will be conducted in the seven highlands province and Madang, aimed at reducing fatal road accidents that happen mostly during night travels.

While the public is blaming poor roads as the main cause of the road accidents, the police say driver’s negligence is the cause of accidents.

Three months ago, more than 20 people were killed in a PMV accident in Mount Hagen. The driver had not slept in more than 48 hours.

With many roads being rehabilitated, drivers may take advantage and exceed the traffic’s authorized speed limits.

The National Road Safety authority is meanwhile is working on a legislation that will increase penalties for drivers breaching traffic rules.

“There will be a new legislative to punish traffic offenders,” said CEO Nelson Terema. [EMTV]
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