Govt Urged to Engage Papua Community in implementing Special Autonomy Policy

JAKARTA - The central government and the parliament should actively engage every community elements in Papua and West Papua provinces in implementing every policy, including the special autonomy plus, a former minister said.

"Every central government policy that will be applied to Papua must be based on the aspirations of local communities as well as experts. The central government should not forget the important role played by community," Former State Minister of Regional Autonomy Ryaas Rasyid said here on Thursday.

He said if special autonomy plus would be implemented at Papua province and West Papua, the central government certainly needs a new legal basis or has to amend the law on special autonomy to Papua No.21/2001 and West Papua No.35/2008.

"It has to be assured that the House should invite leaders and also representatives of community in Papua to formulate the policy, which is aimed at giving welfare to people," he said.

Reflecting on previous special autonomy that has been implemented in Papua province since 2001 and West Papua since 2008, he said the central government has to improve many things, including evaluation of the transparency in the use of regional budget by regional administrations.

"And you also have to question the Papua and West Papua province administrations on how they used the huge amount of budget given by central government ," he said

However, Rasyid said he has seen chances for the development of Papua and West Papua with the special autonomy plus.

He explained that in the special autonomy plus the government needs to strengthen authority at provincial administrations and rises budget allocated in the region while conducting proper monitoring on its implementation.

Rasyid said through increasing powers at province levels, the local administration could be stimulated to seek initiatives in making programs to boost development and prosperity in both provinces.

"In the context of government, creativity could be created after authority is given," he said.

For instance, he said Papua and West Papua provinces were hampered by lack of authority to conduct a program to invite foreign investment because the central government is influencing the policy dominantly.

"As we know, the Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) still rules the policy of investment in Papua," he said.

In addition to that, other important aspects that should be prioritized after special autonomy plus is implemented is education. [Antara]
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